WHO ELSE WE ARE? Founded in 2010 in Scarsdale, Brand new York. Although BNZ Team is a new business, its founder, Frank Trasandato, has over 23 years of experience in the Healthcare insurance industry. Outspoken formerly worked for ALL OF US HealthCare and a huge Broker House on Madison Method in Ny. Because BNZ Group is a little organization, clients feel the intimacy of a “boutique-style” Brokerage while getting the service and expertise made available from larger rivals. We Focus on customer retention; our managed client base ensures uncompromised personal service and attention BNZ GTOUP GROUP OUR ORGANIZATION BNZ Group Inc. is a full service broker agent firm focused on fixing the wants of our corporate and individual clients. To be able to accomplish this at our disposal we have a complete product portfolio. Whether or not its individual insurance needs or corporate and marriage benefits companies experience the intimacy of a “boutique-style” management approach that centres on the client. OUR APPROACH Whether you’re an individual or perhaps you manage a company there are difficulties, needs and desires of your own. That is why our approach always puts our clients at the center of our consultative or needs based approach. Wealth accumulation, preservation and risk management are a means to an end and SHOULD serve your individual interest and circumstances. OUR PROMISE We strive to help solve our clients’ financial needs without prejudice or allegiance to a particular product. We provide a complete product portfolio, including: Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Fixed Annuities. We provide on-on-on support for our clients’ protection and build up needs through case consultations, estate and business planning expertise, marketing and illustration support, plan design, product placing strategies and presentations. We will give you the best options for your situation. **AFFORDABLE NEW YORK